Advertising influences the work, particularly billboards in third world countries with heavily distressed surfaces. A history is created by adding layer after layer of paint and found materials. The goal of the work is to find a balance between chaos and control culminating in a sense of calm and integrity. 
   The work strives to cross boundaries and merge ideas creating something new and unique without losing sight of the school of thought that influenced the work. There is an undertone of child-like innocence with a fine-tuned maturity in the well thought out finished work. 
   The work is process driven, there is a kind of magic that happens when the composition reveals its self naturally through the process. Depth is created through the use of contrasting colors and shading, inviting the viewer to gaze into some other dimension. An intimate experience happens between the work and the viewer. Movement is created through the use of stacking and repeating shapes on top of each other. The composition appears to be suspended, making the viewer feel as though they could stick there hand right through the surface. 
Zach Touchon